It's great if you can arrive 10-15 minutes or so early. Sometimes we're running a little late, but sometimes we are ahead of schedule too! It's also a great time for us to take care of the paperwork and check out all the cool stuff you brought. 



Carefully chosen clothing allows the face to dominate a portrait, with all other elements being secondary. Against a medium or dark background, colors that photograph well are earth tones, blues, and purples. Bright colors will draw attention from the face. Solid colors photograph better than wild patterns but please wear what you feel comfortable in....these are your senior portraits!



On the day before your session, prepare and press your clothes. Arrange them by outfits and group them together on hangers. (Don’t forget to pack the proper under garments too!) Try on the outfits. Be critical of the way they fit. Are you pleased with each “look?” If you don’t like a certain “look” in the mirror, then you won’t like that “look” in a photograph either. Remember that your pictures can represent all seasons not just summer. You can always bring an assortment of color choices so we can coordinate them with different backgrounds and sets.



We advise you wear your makeup in your normal style. Simply apply it slightly heavier than normal. Note: Avoid makeup with an SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine. You can further control shine by using a translucent powder.



Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Haircuts should be done at least a week before your appointment. If you color your hair, do not forget your roots! Highlights should be touched up approximately one to two weeks before your session. Quick easy hairstyle changes during your session are OK, but make it quick or you'll lose camera time.



We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Do not worry if it rains on your scheduled session day and you wanted an outdoor photo shoot. Come in a do your indoor sessions and we will reschedule your outdoor session for a later date.



No need to fret; all of your finished portraits will be retouched so don’t worry if your complexion breaks out right before your session. If you feel you must use cover-up try not to apply it too heavily.



We warn you not to overdo the tanning bed or sun. Your skin will have a natural luster and color if you let it rest from tanning for three days before your session.



Don’t forget to accessorize! Class rings, hats, scarves, jewelry, boots, jackets, belts, and coats all make stylish additions to your basic outfits. Accessories help define your personal style and contribute a variety of looks to your portraits.


Personal props help visually define who you are. Some popular choices are: sports equipment, musical instruments, posters, pennants, teddy bears, skateboards, hunting equipment, uniforms, hobbies, pets(additional fees apply), and collectibles. Look inside yourself to find your personal symbols; then look in your room.



Don’t spend a lot of time hunting for shoes for every outfit. We know many of your favorite shots will be concentrated on your beautiful face. Many other shots will be from the waist up. Shoes simply will not show in every shot.



If you have a best friend or special someone you would like to bring along to help you relax...go for it! We  will include them in a few of your casual images if you like. Parents and family are always welcomed and encouraged to come along and get a closer look.



Be prepared to have fun with the staff a Greg Machen Photography. We are extremely lucky  to be doing a job we absolutely love. Having a good time and creating incredible photographs for your senior year is our top priority!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

Greg Machen Photography